Intelligent Quality System
Your technology consultants for a better future

IQ system’s advantages

With extensive knowledge and experience in the high tech industry offers a variety of services


Providing trusted high quality engineering and business expertise, IQsystem makes clients ideas become reality. Product design and development , facilities and construction utilizing BIM design, technical due diligence, business development and total quality management: IQsystem combines deep functional knowledge and understanding of the industries served.


IQSystem provides reliable and cost effective supply chain infrastructure with a variety of quality components from Korea utilized in the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical and other high tech factories all over the world.

Strategy and

To succeed in today fast pace environment, where disruptive technologies drive transformation, companies need to have adaptive strategies in place. Change management and exceptional execution rely on data. IQSystem leads you through this transformative process leveraging cutting edge approaches and mastering organizational analysis. Intelligent quality supports every step of the way.
IQSystem’s experts identify existing and potential defect causes and critical issues, removing threats and minimizing variability in your manufacturing layout and business processes.


IQSystem helps you to jump-start your innovation through Technology scouting and Technical due diligence. Whenever you know which innovative technology is the right one for your company, or if you are still finalizing your innovation strategy, IQSystem partners with you in scouting the best technological solution. IQsystem assesses and evaluates technical feasability of your projects, analyzing opportunities and challenges. IQSystem helps you understand all technical, legal and financial issues, along with potential risks and associated costs ,making sure you leverage your company’s full potential every time.

Business Development

In a globalized market, penetrating new geographies is imperative to growth. If you are a foreign company seeking to enter the US market, or if you are an American company looking at winning the European market, IQSystem’s international team and network, with its connections to the High Tech industry and deep knowledge of different cultures help you to set the right start in the new market.

BIM Design

Your reliable 7D BIM source, building Information Modeling of Space and Time, from laser scans to ongoing facility model updating, importing your drawings into 3D Models, and providing the engineering and design tasks required for the new or remodel work. IQsystem then incorporates the new data into a Federated Model, runs clash detection to save client’s time and money and enforcing adherence to the design model during all types of facilities construction.

IQSystem BIM 2015 IQSystem POC

Process Manufacturing

IQsystem has specific knowledge of all industries served. Specifically, in the semiconductor industry, IQSystem team oversees the entire ongoing project, controlling the operation of the various systems: from designing new facilities, manufacturing processes and equipment to testing and construction.

IC design

With over 20 steps in the IC design cycle and extremely complex manufacturing rules, IQSystem’s experience in both digital and analog Integrated Circuit design in CMOS technologies, TFT technologies and IGZO technology, allows you to get the high performance complex circuits designed to fit your manufacturing needs.

Our Team

IQSystem is a fast growing technology consulting company headquartered in the heart of San Francisco.

Our team of engineers is currently working on various projects for different large clients across the United States. We like to envision our company as a provider of intelligence and quality for a better future. Our mission is to provide clients with the most trusted talent aimed at supporting their projects from start to finish, whether it’s the design and construction of a new facility, or planning US market penetration for a foreign company, we can do it, while delivering quality and efficiencies every step of the way. We are proud to say that the core of IQSystem’s business, is our ability to provide attention to every details and to completely satisfy our clients needs.
Intelligent quality in your system: enabling customers to turn their ideas into REALITY.

IQSystem’s experienced and diligent engineers are always focused on getting the job done, fully understanding and embracing our company’s vision